September 17th 2019 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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ESB Energy

ESB has invested in flexible and renewable generation assets in the UK for 25 years. Building on our strong heritage as Ireland’s leading energy company, we have expanded our portfolio of services in the UK to include Smart Energy Services for Industrial and Commercial customers delivering significant energy savings as well as building electric vehicle charging networks across the UK and residential energy supply.

Smart Energy Services deliver a range of funded energy solutions to dramatically lower energy costs and carbon emissions for large businesses. This range of tailored funding solutions allow organisations to improve energy efficiency with minimal financial investment, realising energy cost savings and a reduction in their carbon emissions. The risk of implementing these energy efficient technologies is greatly reduced as ESB assumes the responsibilities of management, maintenance and ownership of the solution.

University of Edinburgh Business School

Through our challenging executive courses, research projects and consultancy services, we’re working alongside a host of businesses and organisations. Our flexible School is the place for faculty-taught masterclasses, modules and tailored programmes. We’re connecting with industry to make big strides in the way people work, learn and develop their careers. The results? Meaningful, measurable engagement. More knowledgeable and empowered people. Stronger sectors. All from compelling collaborations and incisive business education. Together we can strengthen your team. Now and for the future.

Scottish Canals

Scottish Canals is responsible to the Scottish Government for the management and development of five Scottish canals as well as the bridges, buildings, locks, The Falkirk Wheel, The Kelpies and reservoirs that supply the canals with the 332 million litres of water, which flow through them daily.

The Forth & Clyde, Union and Monkland canals in the Lowlands, the Crinan Canal in Argyll and the Caledonian Canal in the Highlands are all Scheduled Monuments, which together extend over 137 miles from coast to coast and into the cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness.

Built two hundred years ago to fire the Industrial Revolution, today the canals contribute to the Scottish Government agenda of developing a Greener; Healthier; Smarter; Safer and Stronger; and Wealthier and Fairer Scotland by acting as a catalyst for sustainable economic development, regeneration and tourism; contributing to education, biodiversity, heritage and promoting active living and healthier lifestyles

Technology Forge

The Technology Forge is the leading property and asset management software supplier to the Public Sector within the UK, managing over £50 billion of public sector assets for local authorities, central government, housing associations, the NHS, police & fi re authorities, schools and also a variety of private sector organisations. A key factor in our success is the unrivalled level of support that we offer our customers and the partnership approach that we adopt. Our solutions are cloud based with powerful mobile functionality, entirely configurable to meet the needs of each client and extensively used across all parts of Scotland.
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