September 17th 2019 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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Sam Cassels

Associate Director, Scottish Futures Trust

Sam leads the Smarter Places programme, which helps shape the way better local outcomes are delivered by a collaborative place based approach involving the more effective use of public sector assets. He is currently facilitating this across Scotland with local partners, whilst also working with national agencies to embed this approach at the heart of their own plans.

He has previously worked on significant projects involving the implementation of change for over 100 organisations internationally in both the public and private sectors, and has 25 years’ experience helping people make well informed decisions about fundamental strategic investments. He has qualifications in architecture and economics.


Kathryn Dapré

Head of Energy and Sustainability, NHS National Services Scotland

Kathryn leads the Energy and Sustainability team within Health Facilities Scotland- part of NHS National Services Scotland. The team’s remit is to provide professional advice and support to NHSScotland Boards and stakeholders on all aspects of energy management and sustainability as they pertain to the NHSScotland estate. This covers climate change mitigation and adaptation, low carbon building design and operation, waste reduction and resource efficiency, biodiversity and greenspace, sustainable procurement, and low carbon travel and transport. In 2018, a new national sustainability strategy for NHSScotland is being developed, with supporting tools and guidance. Prior to joining NHS in 2012, Kathryn spent over 15 years in energy and carbon consultancy, working for a range of public and private sector clients.  

Joann Russell MA Hons DipArch RIBA RIAS

Head of Estates, Historic Environment Scotland

Joann Russell is Head of Estates at Historic Environment Scotland, responsible for the conservation and maintenance of the 336 properties in the care of Scottish Ministers. She is an Architect with a particular interest in how digital technologies can improve management decisions and strategic investment for the historic built environment. Others areas of expertise include assessing and mitigating the impacts of Climate Change on the historic built environment, managing visitor safety in the historic built environment and working with communities to explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the built heritage.

Ian Manson

Chief Executive, Clyde Gateway

Appointed as Clyde Gateway’s Chief Executive in 2008, Ian has almost 40 years’ experience in planning, economic development, business growth, regeneration, and public/private partnerships. 

After holding a number of senior positions at Glasgow City Council, Ian took up the opportunity to lead a long-term regeneration effort that promised a much-needed physical, social and economic transformation of communities in the east end of Glasgow and South Lanarkshire.

Ian’s vision has seen Clyde Gateway deliver new office buildings, industrial and commercial developments, infrastructure improvements and community facilities across the area, whilst also attracting substantial private sector investment; ensuring that local people are in the best position to benefit.

Clyde Gateway has received praise and financial backing from senior politicians at all levels, and continues to attract increasing levels of support from local business owners and residents.


Diarmaid Lawlor

Director for Place, Architecture & Design Scotland

Diarmaid trained as a landscape architect and has worked extensively in practice across the UK. His role at A&DS involves a specific focus on learning spaces and spatial strategies and he has an interest in the role of design in fostering collaborative approaches

Professor Jake Ansell

Professor of Risk Management, University of Edinburgh Business School

Jake is Professor of Risk Management, especially in the context of reliability and performance of assets. Jake’s work to inform strategic asset planning with Scottish Water, resulted in efficiency savings of £83m over three years. The models have quickly became a key element of the company’s Strategic Projections and near-term Business Plan. The work with Scottish Water was shortlisted for Innovate UK’s ‘Best UK Partnership Award’. Before this he worked on Asset Life modelling for Yorkshire Water where models for asset life where adopted for regulatory submission. This work also led to a training project which achieved both national awards by Utilities and Water Industry. Jake’s work has also covered a range of other industries including Engineering Companies, Banks, Financial Institutions and Scottish and UK Governments.


Martin Kirkwood

Head of Infrastructure and Low Carbon, Scottish Funding Council

Martin leads on SFC’s capital programmes for both colleges and universities, overseeing a capital investment of more than £900M in the last 10 years.  Martin also has responsibility for SFC’s work on digital and ICT investment and for its work around low carbon in both sectors.  He sits on the steering group of the Sustainability Scotland Network.

John Maslen

Project Manager, Greenspace Scotland

John heads up the ParkPower programme run by greenspace scotland. greenspace scotland has provided a national lead on greenspace since 2003, providing services to a wide range of public sector organisations that have been influential in shaping a supportive policy context and promoting good practice on greenspace delivery.

John has worked in the renewables sector for the last 10 years leading a business delivering wind, solar and biomass solutions across Scotland to commercial and voluntary sector clients. Previously he founded and ran a software business for 15 years delivering solutions using statistical and geographic data to a wide range of public sector clients across the UK.

Pippa Coutts

Policy and Development Manager, Carnegie UK Trust

Pippa Coutts is the Policy and Development Manager at Carnegie UK Trust, promoting community and societal wellbeing across the UK, jurisdictional sharing of evidence and cross-sectoral learning.
She leads The Trust’s work on towns and community development. Pippa has been a manager and independent consultant in the social sector in the UK for over 15 years. 

Peter Robinson

Head of Engineering, Scottish Canals

Peter has been Head of Engineering at Scottish Canals since early 2018, having worked in Consultancy previously including a number of water management and canal projects. 
His experience ranges across the water sector in the UK, but also includes major infrastructure works in the Middle East, including leading the design of ~$7billion of infrastructure for a new economic city.

He developed the concept of the Glasgow Smart Canal and now oversees the delivery of this project.

Having sailed around the world, he is now focusing his time on water related activities in Scotland.

Shona Adam

Associate Director - Workplace Change, Scottish Futures Trust

Working for Scottish Futures Trust as their workplace change advisor, I’m responsible for supporting delivery of smarter and modern ways of working across all areas of the public sector in Scotland.
As we move towards a more ‘place based’ approach, our focus is more on integration, collaboration and co-production to support the delivery of cross organizational smarter working with its associated new behaviours.
My role includes all aspects of smarter working from the efficiency and effectiveness of the workspace itself to organizational culture and encouraging behaviours that will allow people to embrace change 

Moses Jenkins

Dr Moses Jenkins, Senior Technical Officer, Historic Environment Scotland

Dr Moses Jenkins has worked for Historic Environment Scotland for 14 years where he is Senior Technical Officer. He has written various guidance notes over this time most notably on the subjects of brick and energy efficiency. He is currently engaged in a number of research projects into insulation for traditional buildings and the properties of traditional materials. In 2009 he edited the book Building Scotland and in 2018 authored the book The Scottish Brick Industry.

Dr David Kelly

Group Director, BRE Scotland

David is a Group Director with the Building Research Establishment. David’s background is in building physics and he now operates as Group Director within BRE and leads three elements of the business; Innovation Parks Network (includes Parks in UK, China, Brazil, Chile and Canada), Centre for Resilience, and leads BRE in Scotland. The BRE Innovation Park concept has been established to support the development and implementation of Government policies in relation to issues such as construction innovation, sustainability, energy efficiency, health and wellbeing, resilience and climate change. David’s role as Group Director is to lead the development and operation of these facilities. This role also involves engaging with public and private sector partners, Governments, academics and supply chain partners, within the UK and internationally, on issues relating to construction innovation, resilience and ageing.